Walmart Great Value

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I thought, what the heck, cheap coffee, who can resist? What I didn’t expect was that these brews performed as well or better than many gourmet varieties I had spent much more to obtain.

Leon D’Oro

* Tre Venezie Caffe Leon D’Oro Bold Roast Coffee Review *   This coffee at my first experience with it did not impress.  It reminded me of the blah complimentary coffee service left in hotel rooms for their guests.  There wasn’t any noticeable coffee aroma while brewing;  the presentation scores 1 out of 5 possible… Continue reading Leon D’Oro

Harry & David French Roast

* Harry & David French Roast Coffee Review *   Harry & David Holdings, Inc. is an American-based premium food and gift producer and retailer. The company sells its products through direct mail, online, and in retail stores nationwide and operates the brand’s Harry & David, Wolferman’s, Stock Yard’s, and Cushman’s. Wikipedia   When brewing… Continue reading Harry & David French Roast

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

* Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Expresso Bio Organic Espresso Coffee Review*   This one didn’t disappoint.  Once I started the brewing, the powerful aroma of espresso roast wafted towards and through me.  The presentation scores a 5 out of 5 possible points.   The taste was smooth, and lacked any bitterness.  It wasn’t sophisticated… Continue reading Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Hot From Japan

* UCC Taste No 114 “The Blend” Coffee Review *   I am known to sip on an instant coffee blend occasionally when time and opportunity are short.  I never expected to actually enjoy the sip; however, I picked up this pricey instant from the coffee shelves at the local Asian food market.   UCC… Continue reading Hot From Japan

Redwood Roast

*A Review of Guy Fieri’s Redwood Roast Coffee*   This one fulfills the dark roast profile with its aroma.  The presence is noticeable to the senses, and scores a 3 out of 5 points for presentation.   This coffee comes across as strong, bold, and forward in flavor.  What I didn’t like as much was… Continue reading Redwood Roast