Louisiana Coffee

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* Louisiana Coffee Recipes *   Louisiana coffee is the main ingredient for these recipes.  It is a dark roast coffee often with an added flavor of chicory in it.   Chicory is a type of plant that grows wild in areas such as the Mediterranean and New Orleans.   The leaves are used for… Continue reading Louisiana Coffee

Cafe Au Lait

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This one is a classic. Milk or cream makes an excellent complement that tames the coffee flavors down to mellow, warm comfort.

Buttered Rum Coffee

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* Buttered Rum Coffee Recipe *   Ingredients: 1/3 c Ground coffee 1/4 ts Freshly ground nutmeg 1 1/4 ts Rum extract 1/8 ts Liquid butter flavoring   How To: Place coffee and nutmeg in a blender or food processor fitted with a steel blade. In a cup, combine remaining ingredients. With processor running, add… Continue reading Buttered Rum Coffee

Arabian Coffee Recipe

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Experience this delightful mix of spice and flavor to naturally enhance your cup of coffee.

Amaretto Coffee Recipe

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Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur that originated in Saronno.  Amaretto tends to be a little thick and excessively sweet straight out of the bottle.

Alpine Carnival Coffee Recipe

This one is a spin on a favorite of mine at McDonald’s, the Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee.  The brown sugar in this recipe adds a touch of molasses flavor to the coffee.  Using instant coffee is forgiven in this case, many flavored coffees mask the taste of the coffee anyways.   Alpine Carnival Ingredients:… Continue reading Alpine Carnival Coffee Recipe

Canadian Coffee Recipe

* Canadian Coffee Recipe * The maple syrup is a signature taste of something considered distinctly Canadian in origin.  I am not a big fan of alcoholic beverages, but the whiskey probably adds another kick if the caffeinated goodness isn’t enough. Canadian Coffee Ingredients: ¼ c Maple syrup; pure ½ c Rye whiskey 3 c… Continue reading Canadian Coffee Recipe

Alexander Espresso

Alexander – a cocktail of equal parts of gin, creme de cacao (chocolate liqueur), and cream.  Then, came the Brandy Alexander where the brandy replaced the gin.  Finally, followed by Coffee Alexander with chocolate liqueur was substituted by coffee liqueur.  This is also a popular dessert drink centered in the Oregon area of the United States.   Alexander Espresso   Ingredients: 1… Continue reading Alexander Espresso

Cafe de Olla

This article discusses how to make a cup of café de olla, and tells a short story about its historical origins.   Café de olla is a drink steeped in Mexican history. During the early days of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, soldaderas, also known as adelitas, supported soldiers by cooking, cleaning, and setting up camp.  They prepared café de… Continue reading Cafe de Olla