Copper Moon Coffee Co

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*Copper Moon Coffee French Roast Review*   This is one of three different varieties from this brand label that I tasted. The other blends, Dark Moon and Sumatra were also delicious.   Out of the brewer, there was a noticeable aroma of freshness from the cup, and also very strong while it brewed.  As one… Continue reading Copper Moon Coffee Co

Newman’s Own Organic

What's in your cup?

“Let’s Give it All Away”
Newman’s Own launched in 1982, with Paul declaring that 100% of the profits would go to charity. Today, the mission continues, and more than $570 million has been donated to thousands of organizations, helping millions of people around the world.

Ekocups Italian Roast

What's in your cup?

* Ekocups Italian Roast Coffee Review *   Brewing this variety was a pleasant experience.  The familiar aroma of an Italian Roast came through, like the boldness of this type of roast.  While it wasn’t particularly strong, it had a noticeable presence.  This coffee blend scores a 3 out of 5 points for Presentation.  … Continue reading Ekocups Italian Roast

Ekocups Mexican

What's in your cup?

* Ekocups Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Mexican Blend Review *   It’s good to find a coffee with a socio-economic awareness.  The Ekocups have a variety of flavors, this one is the Mexican variety.   There isn’t much of an aroma from this coffee, I had to try really hard to detect a trace or… Continue reading Ekocups Mexican

Guy Fieri’s American Diner Blend

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* Guy Fieri’s American Diner Blend Coffee Review *   After my experience with Guy’s Redwood Roast brew, I was glad to find this other blend to sample.  I wondered if it would deliver similar results.   The coffee right out of the brewer delivered a smoky but not burned or charred aroma.  It’s presentation… Continue reading Guy Fieri’s American Diner Blend