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Louisiana coffee is the main ingredient for these recipes.  It is a dark roast coffee often with an added flavor of chicory in it.


Chicory is a type of plant that grows wild in areas such as the Mediterranean and New Orleans.


The leaves are used for making tea, coffee substitutes, salad dressings, cheeses like Roquefort or blue cheese, and other commodities.


  • The word “chicory” comes from the Greek word for endurable, referring to its bitterness.
  • It’s a perennial plant that grows up to six feet high with blue flowers; chicory was once used as a coffee substitute in Europe.



What does chicory taste like?  It has rich, roasted notes in the foreground, followed by some nutty tones. However, the best way to tell if your cup is true chicory is if it has woody and herbal flavors. You might even taste cherries but this largely depends on the brand. [2]


Some people who are sensitive to coffee have even switched to using chicory by itself as a substitute.


Chicory is also slightly bitter, so these recipes, such as the Au Lait style might take some of that edge off to mellow out the flavors.


Louisiana Cafe Au Lait



2 c Milk


1 c Louisiana coffee with chicory


How To:


Put milk in saucepan; bring to a boil.

Pour hot freshly brewed coffee and milk simultaneously into cups; sweeten with sugar to taste.



Cafe Au Lait Luzianne



2 c Milk

1/2 c Heavy cream

6 c Louisiana coffee w/chicory


Combine milk and cream in saucepan; bring just to a boil (bubbles will form around edge of pan), then remove from heat.

Pour small amount of coffee in each coffee cup.

Pour remaining coffee and hot milk mixture together until cups are 3/4 full.


NOTE: Skim milk can be substituted for milk and cream for those who are counting calories.


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