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* Great Value Donut Shop Coffee Review *


Great coffee doesn’t have to be expensive.  This is another blend reviewed for Walmart’s signature brand label “Great Value.”


Brewing this one unlocked some great vapors of coffee aroma.  When it was done, the cup had a welcoming scent that indicated fresher beans, and less time in storage.  For a kcup, this is good.  Presentation was a 3 out of 5 points.


The brew was from a medium roast blend.  Its flavor was on track as a medium roast, not overwhelming, but hinted with fresher coffee taste.  It did not have as diversified a palatte of flavors, but it did taste fresh.  For taste, this blend scores a 4 out of 5 points.


The price for 12 kcups of this Great Value brand cost half as much as 10 kcups of Peet’s, but I didn’t think that I got something “cheap” in the deal.  This coffee shines with a quality of its own.  I think most people recognize the value and that’s why the stock keeps flying off the shelves and does not linger long waiting to grow stale.


While most of the varieties reviewed to date may be hard to find, this one is available online and in Walmart stores everywhere.  It’s cheap but not cheap, if you get what I mean.

High quality, fresh taste, good flavor.  This ranks a 4 out of 5 points in overall score.


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