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* Ekocups Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Coffee Review *


Out of the brewer, this one didn’t leave a lasting impression.  The aroma was weak and hard to notice.  Presentation scores 1 out of 5.


What really surprised me was the flavors from my first to last sip. There was a full coffee flavor with a medium-dark roast profile.  It wasn’t bitter, and it had a lasting, pleasing flavor on my palate. I enjoyed that.  There weren’t any complex flavor varieties, but it came across as a staple variety, something I’d like to turn to in a daily coffee.  Taste scores at a 5 points out of 5.


Overall, this coffee performs well in the taste test.  The slogan for Ekocups is “Just Better,” and I agree, it ranks above average.  With some lacking in presentation, the overall impression of this coffee is positive and welcome.  The overall score is 4 out of 5 points. 

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