Cappuccino vs. Espresso

A date with the #coffeesnob
So you want to be a coffee connoisseur?

Many people claim to be coffee and caffeine addicts.  It often involves drinking many types of coffee products, such as espresso, cappuccino, regular coffee, and many other forms of the drink itself.


However, one aspect of coffee that many people mistakenly get wrong is that they think espresso and cappuccino are the same drink when they are not.


Even though espresso and cappuccino may look like the same drink and may be considered the same by the average coffee drinker, for true espresso fans, espresso is a totally different drink altogether!  Here are some of the main differences between the two drinks and perhaps some reasons why many people prefer one over the other:


Cappuccino is Generic

Perhaps one of the reasons that many people consider cappuccino to be an espresso drink is that cappuccino has traditionally been a coffee drink that has had some espresso.  Even though cappuccino is more of a regular coffee consistency, the first form of cappuccino was made partly from espresso.  Nevertheless, since cappuccino isn’t 100% espresso, they naturally have very different tastes.


On the other hand, many people who dislike regular espresso will often turn to cappuccino for a spruced-up version of many of the coffee brands they drink!  For these reasons, some individuals may refer to cappuccino as a generic form of espresso because it has much less espresso than the real thing!


Espresso Characteristics

When trying to distinguish between cappuccino and espresso, perhaps the most defining characteristic of the espresso is that the drink is much thicker than its cappuccino or coffee counterpart!  Much of this is since espresso has to be made from an espresso machine, whereas coffee and other cappuccino types can either be handmade or placed in a coffee percolator that will give them the desired result. 


Perhaps, however, this is one way that many people can distinguish between espresso and virtually every other type of coffee anyway. Espresso machines are typically depicted as large machines with many parts, but there is a long process that the espresso goes through to be just right for the person drinking it!


Cappuccino and Espresso Lovers

What are some of the reasons, though, that a coffee fan may like espresso over a cappuccino or vice versa?  One of the reasons that many people like cappuccino is because it is less thick than regular espresso.  Many people’s stomachs may not be able to handle all espresso types, which is why cappuccino may be more readily available in restaurants and other coffee shops than espresso is.


Altogether, though, it’s important to realize that there is a difference between the two coffee drinks. Espresso and cappuccino are two very different drinks in nature. They have very different defining characteristics and attract two different types of coffee drinkers!

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