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* Guy Fieri’s American Diner Blend Coffee Review *


After my experience with Guy’s Redwood Roast brew, I was glad to find this other blend to sample.  I wondered if it would deliver similar results.


The coffee right out of the brewer delivered a smoky but not burned or charred aroma.  It’s presentation was bold and really captured my attention.  I noticed notes of hickory.  It scores a 5 out of 5 points on presentation.


The taste was more like a light roast despite its presentation.  I was disappointed because the brew came across as watery and dilute despite my standard brewing settings on the Keurig machine.  There wasn’t much coffee flavor;  I have had instant coffee that had even more flavor than this one.  This brew scores a 1 out of 5 points in taste.


After such a rocking presentation, the flavors would follow.  In this case it was a disappointment.  I don’t have much experience with diner dining so maybe this is the norm; what was missing was the identity of the coffee itself.  I couldn’t tell if I was drinking coffee at the moment.  Overall score is a 2 out of 5 points.

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