Leon D’Oro

* Tre Venezie Caffe Leon D’Oro Bold Roast Coffee Review *


This coffee at my first experience with it did not impress.  It reminded me of the blah complimentary coffee service left in hotel rooms for their guests.  There wasn’t any noticeable coffee aroma while brewing;  the presentation scores 1 out of 5 possible points.


This one claims to be a bold roast, but it borders on the lightest of roasts.  The taste was watery and dilute, even when brewing at the strongest setting.  If you were looking for a light roast, this might fit the profile; bold might be a misnomer for this one.  Taste scores a 1 out of 5 points.


The overall score for this coffee is 1 out of 5 possible points.  To date, I have never scored a 0, so this one is at the bottom of the scale as a coffee.

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