Alpine Carnival Coffee Recipe

This one is a spin on a favorite of mine at McDonald’s, the Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee.  The brown sugar in this recipe adds a touch of molasses flavor to the coffee.  Using instant coffee is forgiven in this case, many flavored coffees mask the taste of the coffee anyways.


Alpine Carnival


2 tb Instant coffee

1 ts Vanilla

2 tb Brown sugar

1 ts Water

1 ½ c Boiling water

½ c Whipping cream, whipped


How To:

Divide instant coffee and vanilla evenly between two Spanish coffee glasses.  In a small heavy saucepan, dissolve sugar in the teaspoon of water.  Over medium heat, stir dissolved sugar until it reaches a full boil.  Immediately remove from heat and stir in boiling water. Divide sugar mixture between coffee glasses and top with a dollop of whipped cream. Makes 2 x 6 oz servings.


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