Pioneering Great Flavors

* Pioneer Woman Up and At Em Breakfast Blend Coffee Review *


Some people crawl up to their morning coffee, while this one got up on its hind legs and leaped right at me.  The smoky, roasted smell came up to me from a few steps away from the Keurig brewer.  Considering it was just a cup, I imagined how warm a greeting it would be to wake up to an entire pot of it.  Presentation scores a perfect 5 out of 5 points.


This one is a breakfast blend, so it starts out on the lighter side yet does not disappoint on flavor.  There is a hint of smokiness, but it remains tamer than a typical dark roast.  The tastes linger on the palate moments longer after each sip, which is delightful.  This one scores 5 out of 5 points on taste.


This one was the first surprise outside of my experiences with Peet’s KCups coffee pods.  This was also an excellent cup, and it surprised my jaded view of the whole KCup scene.  Overall, the Pioneer Woman Blend scores 5 out of 5 points.


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