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* UCC Taste No 114 “The Blend” Coffee Review *


I am known to sip on an instant coffee blend occasionally when time and opportunity are short.  I never expected to actually enjoy the sip; however, I picked up this pricey instant from the coffee shelves at the local Asian food market.


UCC is an imported brand out of Japan, and at first look, it appears like any other instant coffee, but the label really sells it.  The product is a part of a line of over 500 different blends.  This one happens to be one of five blends chosen from this selection, and the tasters affectionately and descriptively name it “Taste Number 114.”


The presentation scores a 4 out of 5 right out of the jar.  Once mixed with the hot water, the aroma has a noticeable, welcoming presence of its own.


The taste was smooth, not bitter, and had a satisfying, medium-roast profile.  It’s good if you want something a mid-range that satisfies without the heavyweight of a dark-roast profile.  The score on taste is 5 out of 5 points.


I liked this one, despite it being an instant.  The rehydration effect robs this coffee of familiar organic flavors that complement a fresh-brewed cup of coffee from the ground, whole beans, or from a fresh, drip grind.  Despite this handicap, this blend from UCC made a good showing and earns an overall score of 4 out of 5.




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