Laughing Man Coffee Company

*Laughing Man Coffee Company Columbia Huila Dark Roast Coffee Review*


The first thing I notice leaning into the cup as it brews is the familiar burnt odor of a dark roast. This one had a little more, its burnt aroma reminded me of time spent by a campfire on a damp, rainy day.


The aroma was average for a dark roast, it’s bold, but not remarkable. For presentation, it scores a solid 3 out of 5 marks.


From the first sip to last, it fulfills the dark roast profile, without any remarkable “extra” flavors. For taste, the roast scores a 3 out of 5 marks. It fulfills, but doesn’t do much more.


All things considered, I enjoyed this blend. It shares a pleasant surprise in the brewing and brings about a bold profile that satisfies. I would enjoy this as a daily go-to. This coffee rates an overall score of 3 out of 5 marks.

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