Tully’s Italian Roast Review

* Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast Dark Roast Review*


When this one hit the brewing stage, I could already pick up on a rich, dark roast aroma, living up to the reputation typical of Italian Roast coffee roast styles.  It was pleasant and had similarities to the smells of espresso roasted coffee brews; it showed intensity in its dark roasted roots.  The presentation ranks 3 points out of 5.


The flavor was robust but plain.  I could not pick out any other unique flavors or tastes, so it comes across as average; nothing remarkable, but it had a solid taste that had a presence that lingers for a minute or two after that sip which is characteristic of the best of the dark roast varieties.  Flavor ranks a 3 out of 5.


Overall, the experience that would elevate this blend to the next level is in the fragrant options, the delicate flavors that come with the oils still present in a truly fresh roast.  Had you told me this was an instant coffee, I would instantly be impressed.  As a drip brew, it ranks in between. Certainly, it takes marks for a strong start (the brewing experience) through a strong finish (to the last sip and its lingering coffee flavors).  Overall, it scores 3 out of 5 points.



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