Coffee Mindfulness

Try drinking the same coffee each day for a week or more.  Observe your coffee and how it suits you.  Try to pick out a different aspect of your experience each time:  taste, aroma, feelings, thoughts, reactions. 

Consider the merits of your sensory experience, both when focused on your cup and what else is going on around you.  What are you thinking/experiencing at this moment? 

As your coffee brews in the morning, take 2 minutes to pause and reflect on an idea or something of importance or value in your life.  Resolve that you will not forget it.  Jot it down in two, three, or five words. 

Choose a score on a scale to rate yourself and where you are at that moment so that you can look back and realize that your aims in life eventually lead to a centered state and the achievement of a value or something important to you.

Observe this experience each day at the same moment and reflect on how your mind’s state changes from day to day, its flux, and all the concerns, worries, thoughts, and joys you carry. 

Celebrate these changes with mindful attention to your morning coffee ritual:  the preparation, the first to the last sip of your cup, suppressing the urge to confront, explain, or justify your thoughts of the moment.

Realize that among all the adjustments you’ve made each day, the coffee hasn’t changed, but most certainly, you have.

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