Green Mountain Coffee Review

This is a review of:

* Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Origin Columbia Select Fair Trade Certified *

This one had a noticeable aroma as it brewed, smoky.  The aroma caught me by surprise, and it was pleasant, striking, and I anticipated the first sip.  Presentation scores 3 out of 5 points.  It was not very strong on flavor, even for a medium roast. 

You can taste it and tell it was coffee, but the flavor doesn’t present itself prominently.  The flavor came across as flat, without any additional dimensions of detectable fragrances or flavors.  Taste scores 2 out of 5 points.

Freshness was a concern as many of the flavors that bring a coffee alive were not there.  There were not enough oils on the grounds to deliver these flavors.  The overall score was 2 out of 5 stars.  It started strong with the brewing experience, but there was some disappointment in its final execution upon drinking it.


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